It is generally understood that recycling is good for the environment. It saves energy that would be required to manufacture new products and reduces the use of natural resources. As people become educated about the opportunities for recycling in Phoenix and understand the benefits of recycling, they are more likely to participate in the programs that are available. About seventy-five percent of the waste that is produced is recyclable, however, only about thirty percent is currently being recycled. This number is directly related to the amount of work that is required to recycle. It is often easier for people to throw their garbage away then to make the effort to recycle it. To simplify the effort and encourage people to be more environmentally responsible, there are many options for recycling in Phoenix. Over eighty-seven percent of people in America have access to a curbside recycling program. The City of Phoenix is one city that offers its residents this program. People driving around Phoenix will see blue recycling bins at every residence. These bins are used to collect recyclable waste. All of the items that are being recycled go into this bin. Being able to put multiple types of recyclable items in one recycling bin or barrel is called commingled recycling. There are two benefits to this type of collection program. The first is that it makes recycling easier for the residents. Separating paper, plastics and cans takes extra time and effort. These are both things that discourage people from recycling in Phoenix. The second benefit is that it is easier and cheaper for the city to collect it all together and separate it at the dump. These bins are picked up once a week. A list of acceptable items for recycling in Phoenix can be found online. This list is fairly long and includes items like paper, phone books, aluminum cans, milk cartons, cardboard boxes, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, office papers, shredded paper, metal hangers, aluminum foil, steel cans and juice boxes. The items do not need to be washed, but they do need to be clean and dry. There is also a list of items that are not acceptable for recycling. This list includes items like windows, mirrors, clothing, dishes, books, gift wrap, photographs, diapers, food and yard waste. Metal recycling is also available in Phoenix. Companies encourage metal recycling by offering monetary compensation. Several types of metal can be recycled. Both ferrous materials such as steel and iron and non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass and copper can be recycled. Aluminum is one of the most common metals recycled by the general public. Many businesses and schools offer recycling bins for soda pop cans. Recycling does not only benefit the environment through energy savings and reduced landfill dumping, it can help groups raise money. Paper and cardboard recycling dumpsters are often placed at schools, churches and businesses. The convenience of the dumpster locations provided by Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. allows community members to participate in recycling while the schools, businesses and churches benefit from payments for the waste. Electronic waste can also be recycled. Due to the continual increase of electronic products in homes and businesses and the constant desire to upgrade, e-waste is becoming an alarming problem in America. The hazardous materials that are present in these electronics cause soil and water pollution. There are a number of options available for electronic waste recycling. For the public's convenience they are often collected at schools and places of employment. The City of Phoenix offers a number of convenient opportunities for its residents to participate in recycling. As residents participate in these programs they not only benefit the city, they enjoy personal benefits that come from a healthier environment. Share