Pool filter cartridges need to be cleaned periodically, but there are some cases where they instead need to be replaced. Pool filter cartridges are necessary for keeping a swimming pool or spa clean. The filter eventually becomes clogged and dirty, which can lead to the entire pool becoming dirty. Therefore, it is essential that the pool filter cartridge be replaced periodically to keep the water safe and clean.

The Bands Are Broken

Typically, you will need to replace your cartridge every 3-to-5 years. However, there are some cases where you will need to replace the cartridge sooner. For example when a filter has bands and several of them are broken, this indicates that you will need to replace the cartridge. The bands prevent the pleats from flattening. There are some individuals who cut the bands in order to make the cleaning of the cartridges easier, but this is not recommended.

The Ridges Are Flattened

There may be parts on the pool filter cartridge that are flattened. The ridges in the cartridges are designed to trap various particles. When they become flattened, they will no longer be effective at trapping particles and will instead need to be replaced.

The Filter Just Won't Get Clean

You will want to clean your filter when it looks very dirty. However, if your filter continues to look dirty and slimy regardless of how much you clean it, this can indicate that you should you need to replace the filter. When too much oil clogs the mesh of the filter, this can make it difficult for water to flow through and cleaning products will simply not be able to get the filter clean. You may notice that your pool is consistently dirty regardles of how much you vacuum and clean it. Replacing the filter will resolve the problem.

The Fabric Is Frayed

Cartridges are made using polyester material. The fabric can become frayed as it wears out over time as a result of the particles and chemicals that are pumped through the filter. You will notice the material is frayed when the cartridge looks hairy.

The Endcaps Are Cracked

Check the endcaps to make sure that they are not cracking. The endcaps on the filter become weaker over time and will eventually crack as a result of constant exposure to chemicals and pressure. Once this occurs, it is time to have the endcap replaced. Then, you will need to purchase new replacement filters.

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