Industrial metal stamping produces lots of fascinating and decorative items. However, if you cannot afford to pay for a very large order of tin or copper ceiling plates, you can attempt some very unique metal stamping designs at home. Here are just a few ideas that provide alternative approaches to industrial metal stamping.

Design Idea #1: That Place Where Ice Cleats and Stomp! Meet

Most people are familiar with the musical show called Stomp!, where dozens of musicians use unusual items (e.g., metal trash can lids, porcelain sinks, etc.) to create rhythm and sound. Additionally, part of the show uses items attached to feet and stomping rhythms to create music. That is kind of where this idea comes from, as you will be adopting the stomping action and industrial process of puncturing to create your design. You will need at least one good pair of really sharp ice cleats, the kind that arctic explorers and fjord climbers wear on their feet. Then do the following:

  1. Lay your thin metal sheets on a flat surface. A concrete driveway is good, since it will support both you in the ice cleats and the pressure you are about to apply to the metal sheets.
  2. Begin stomping on the metal sheets with all the force you can muster. The sheets may slide a little, but that is okay because then you will get an unintended artistic effect.
  3. Stomp around until you feel that you have achieved a pattern in the metal sheets that you definitely want to use and display. Then unstrap the ice cleats from your feet so that you do not continue to create more puncture holes.

After you step off the metal plates and remove the cleats, you will be able to pick up the plates/sheets and hold them up to the light to see your pattern. Then bolt them to a wall or ceiling, or hang them from chains under a light to cast a unique lighting pattern underneath.

Design Idea #2: Thor's Mighty Hammer

Hammered metal sheets are another item frequently done by metal stamping companies. However, when you are on a tight budget, you can recreate this with your own tin, aluminum, or copper sheets and a ten-pound sledgehammer. You will need to stabilize the sheets on a flat surface that is waist-high so that you do not strike the sheets with too much force. Then hammer away at the surface to create a unique pattern to enjoy. Thor himself could not do a better job!

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