Metal injection molding, sometimes called MIM for short, is the process of creating small but complex metal parts in high volume. The parts are then often used within larger apparatuses such as industrial or manufacturing machinery or consumer products like automobiles, computers, or appliances. If you are a manufacturer of such a product and are wondering if moving some of your production to a metal injection molding services firm, like D and D Engineered Components, would be right for you, here's what you need to know.

Maintain an Even, Heavy Gauge for All Metal

Metal injection molding firms have the process down to a science. When you hire such a firm to assist you with your production, you can rest easy knowing that each metal part produced will be of the same exact quality and thickness. You'll be able to work directly with the firm and decide on a gauge or thickness level that is right for your product and go from there.

It's Cost Effective

If you are still creating all of the individual parts in your product by hand, think about all of the time your employees are spending each day on each of these items. When you outsource some material development to an MIM firm, you'll be able to refocus your employees on other tasks. Assuming you order in high volume, you'll likely also find MIM services to be quite affordable compared to the amount of labor you were putting into the project prior to teaming up.

The Process is Scalable

Just because metal injection molding services specialize in high volume doesn't mean you need to order tens of thousands of parts every single time. Most MIM firms will be able to work with your business regardless of how big or small it is. You can start with an order of just a couple thousand parts today and then scale up to 10,000 six months from now if business really takes off.

If you are a manufacturer of a product and are currently building every single last part in-house, it might be time to look at some other options. By outsourcing the production of small but complex metal parts to a MIM firm, you will be able to refocus your employees on other tasks and will be better prepared to quickly increase production if it turns out your product becomes a major hit. Reach out to a local MIM services firm today for more information.