Preventing large ice accumulations from forming can be important to both home and business owners. While ice accumulations can seem like an unavoidable problem for areas of the country that have cold or snowy winters, there are several options that may be used to help control this problem.

Deicing Chemicals

One of the more common approaches to addressing ice accumulations on the ground will be through the use of deicing chemicals. These chemicals can be excellent for situations where a thick layer of ice has already formed as the chemicals will gradually melt the ice. Unfortunately, there are a couple of limitations with this option that you should consider. For example, the melting ice can wash away some of these chemicals, which can require you to regularly apply these substances. Also, it can be possible for these chemicals to cause rust to form on metal items.

Thermal Systems

Thermal deicing systems can be another extremely effective option for both preventing ice from forming and melting ice that has already accumulated. These systems work by using electricity to generate enough heat to melt the ice. As a result, you will need to provide a source of power for these systems to work, and this may not always be a practical option. For the best results, you will want to put these systems in place before ice has a chance to form as this will allow it to more easily melt these accumulations.


In situations where an electric deicing system or deicing chemicals are not suitable, sand may be an effective alternative. Sand can help to greatly inhibit the ability of ice to form. While it may not always be able to stop ice from forming, it can still provide benefits once the ice has formed. THis is due to the fact that the sand will greatly increase the traction that you have while walking or driving on the ice. Removing the sand after the ice threat has passed is one of the more noticeable drawbacks of using this option, but this can be a small issue for the safety benefits it will provide.

Stopping ice from forming can be an important task for keeping a property safe during the winters. Yet, individuals are often not aware of the full range of options that they can use to address ice. By knowing that you can use deicing chemicals, thermal based systems and sand to better manage the ice that may be prone to forming on your property. Contact a deicing company, like GMCO Corporation, for more help.