When there is a problem with your well pump, you may not have running in your home. Some of the repairs that may be needed can be easy to do, while there are also some that you may need professional help with. No matter what the problem, it is a good idea to know your well equipment and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems:

1. Checking for Power and Pressure Problems Due to Switches Being Flipped

One of the most common problems with many mechanical systems is a power switch being turned off. With your well pump, there are a couple of areas where power switches may get turned off, such as the pump and pressure tank. The first thing that you should check when troubleshooting your well is the power switch for the pump and pressure tank.

2. Failures Due to Problems with The Well Pump Controller and Replacement

When you try turning the power back on to your pump and get nothing, it may be another issue. There is a controller box, which has circuitry that can fail and cause the pump not to come back on. If the problem is not the power switch, you may want to contact a well repair service and talk with them about replacing the control unit or other repairs that may be needed.

3. Problems with The Pressure Tank and Valves That Fail Over Time

There are several components of pressure tanks that can fail and cause problems with your well. First, there are several valves on pressure tanks that wear out over time and may fail and need to be replaced. If you have an older well pump system, then you may need to have the pressure tank completely replaced when it causes problems with your household plumbing.

4. Dry Wells and Well Casings Becoming Clogged with Debris Over Time

Another problem that you may have to deal with when it comes to your water well is casing that becomes clogged or a well that dries due to it being to shallow. A well repair service will be able to help with some of these problems to get water flowing in your home again.

These are some tips to help you with troubleshooting problems with your well equipment. When there is a problem that is too much for you to fix, contact a well pump repair service, like David Cannon Well Drilling, to help with the repairs.