The popularity of tiny houses has spawned a newer, more economical form of military housing. Designed by engineers, this new type of military shelter is one that is going to have all tiny house fanatics going crazy. The design of these structures is utterly brilliant, and here is how it works. 

The "Box"

This house collapses down into a rectangular box, roughly ten feet long by two-and-one-half feet wide. The "boxes" fit six to a flatbed semi trailer, making these structures incredibly easy to transport and deliver. Once your "box" reaches your property, you can begin to unfold it and set it up. 

Unfolding the Shelter

Before you can start, you have to insert a series of steel rods into steel loops along the bottom of the "box". Lock these in place because they become the supports for your floor. Next, unlock and fold up the 10-foot sides. These are the ceiling panels of your shelter/house.

Behind these fold-up panels is a set of fold-down panels, which become your floor boards. Laying on top of the floor panels is another set of panels. These fold up and snap into place, meeting both the ceiling and the floor. They are the long sides of your shelter.

In the very heart of the "box" are four fold-out panels that connect to the floor, the ceiling, and the long sides of your shelter. These interior fold-out panels are the short-end sides of your shelter. Lock them all into position. Now, you should have a "tiny house" structure that is approximately 10 feet by 22 to 24 feet wide. It's small, yes, but so very easy to construct and deconstruct that you will wonder how you ever lived without this unique housing structure.

Rent It, Use It, Buy It

If you are not sure you want to buy a military collapsible shelter, you can rent it first. Rent it as a means of housing extra guests during a summer family reunion or for a family wedding. When you are done with it, you can always return it. If you want to keep it, you can buy it. Best of all, if it is taking up too much space on your property, fold it back up into its nice, neat little package until next time. You can also choose to buy it and move it onto another piece of property to use as a hunting or vacation cabin!