If your business ships products to customers every day, then you need secure and reliable custom foam packaging. It's relatively cheap and provides your items with adequate security. To ensure this form of packaging works out long-term, remember these tips. 

Gather Dimensions of Your Inventory 

No matter what type of custom foam packaging you use, it won't work correctly if the objects it's meant to hold are too small or too large. That's why you need to know your product's exact dimensions before ordering custom foam packaging. Be sure to gather the length, width, and height dimensions of your products in inches. Only then will you understand what size your foam inserts and external case need to be. 

It helps to test out your custom foam packaging with your inventory in real time. You'll then be able to see just how easily the foam inserts are to slide into place and how secure your products are once they'll finally placed inside. If the fit is seamless and there isn't any signs of wiggle, you've probably found the perfect packaging dimensions. 

Opt For Full-Coverage Inserts 

When using foam inserts as a form of support, you can either place inserts on the side or opt for full-coverage. The former is probably less expensive, but it does leave certain items susceptible to damaging should they tip over or fall. 

You don't have to worry about damage as much when you opt for full-coverage inserts. Full-coverage means your inventory is placed in boxes that have inserts from side to side and top to bottom. This full-coverage design is probably the best way to ship inventory, especially if your company sells a lot of fragile materials. 

Work With the Right Custom Packaging Supplier

Not all custom packaging suppliers are equal. Some will have much better materials and prices than others. So that you make the right investment for your customers, carefully assess your supplier options.

Try finding a packaging supplier that offers the most competitive rate. It's also important that your supplier has a wide variety of packaging materials to choose from and always has them in stock. Then, you won't have to worry about having your material shipments being delayed and hurting your operations in any way.

Whatever products your company ships off to customers on a regular basis, they need ample protection. You can give them it with custom foam packaging. As long as you think about the right details with this type of packaging, it should perfectly support your products and be easy to work with. Contact a company, like Package Design Global, for more help.