For roughly a century, manufacturers and logistics companies have been loading goods onto wooden pallets to be carried off by forklifts. During that time, there have been many developments in the technology powering global logistics systems, but little change to the tried and true concept of forklift and pallet. With the recent development of smart pallets, that fact is finally changing. Smart pallets are digitally connected pallets that are capable of seeing, hearing, and communicating important information about the pallet as well as the environmental conditions of the pallet. This information is then shared across an integrated logistics network, granting logistics management teams access to an unprecedented amount of actionable insight into their logistics. These insights can grant savvy logistics teams a game-changing advantage in the increasingly competitive logistics landscape. Here are 3 reasons why smart pallets are the future.

Smart Pallets Can Prevent Scanning and Packing Errors

Due to the heavy use of manual labor to scan, lift, pack, and ship products, there is often little to no clear view of the logistics chain in one unified platform. The manually produced data is highly susceptible to human error in the form of misplaced or non-scanned items. Smart pallets are outfitted with a variety of advanced features that allow them to systematically scan the contents of the packages that are placed on them using advanced cameras powered by machine learning technology. These cameras can recognize individual products as well as read product barcodes. That information can be used to automatically calculate inventory, removing the need for manual labor for those tasks as well as the risk of manual scanning and misplacement errors.

Smart Pallets Can Prevent Transportation Errors

Smart pallets can also share a continuous feed of their location to your logistics software using built-in location and motion trackers. This location information ensures that all products are being accurately transported where they need to go, further reducing the risk of misplaced shipments. If an error still somehow slips through, businesses can use this pallet location information to trace the source of the error back through the supply chain. If a product recall occurs, having accurate data that allows you to trace that product back to a particular supplier and recall products accordingly can save millions of dollars.

Smart Pallets Facilitate Labor and Cost Efficiency

Industry estimates conclude that only 10 to 15 percent of empty pallet movements are actually necessary. By linking these pallets to a shared logistics network, you can see where and why these pallets are being moved. You can then reconfigure your processes to reduce unnecessary movements, as well as the corresponding labor costs, by an incredible 85 to 90 percent.


As you can see, smart pallets offer numerous cost-saving benefits that bring logistics accuracy and efficiency to unprecedented heights. If you'd like to save money and ensure that your customers receive their goods accurately and on time, smart pallets are for you.

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